Dear December

Dear December, 

You are the last month
but you start new beginnings.
You give many people joy and bring together family and happiness. 
I've seen many great things happen in you, December. 
The birth of my father,
Seeing old friends,
Reconnecting with distant relatives.
I have also experienced many bad things with you. 
The death of many loved ones
break ups, lost friendships
See, December, last year you were very cold to me. 
You gave me a lot of challenges
but yet you seem to always be my favourite month. 
Not just because of the weather or the holiday music playing from store to store
or the eggnog I can’t stop buying from the market. 
It’s the way you make me feel inside, December. 

You feel like home to me. 

Autumn/Winter Style Inspiration

Autumn/winter looks

Comptoir Des Cotonniers navy skater dress, $290 / Cardigan, $67 / Mink Pink shirts top / Long wool coat / Blue jean jacket / Vero Moda slim pants, $37 / H&M jeans, $23 / Jigsaw pointy toe flat shoes, $110 / Jimmy Choo black suede moccasin / Office brown leather bootie, $115 / TOPSHOP Faux Fur Holdall / Tote bag / The Cambridge Satchel Company leather crossbody handbag, $190

The crisp fall air has finally hit Florida! It is now the official start of bonfire season (aka my favourite part of the year). I've been seeing a lot of cute Autumn/Winter get ready with me and lookbooks recently. All of them have had a couple items that really stood out which I absolutely loved. So I decided to put together a mini look book for style inspiration. Each outfit contains something I've seen in everyone else's blogs/vlogs with a little added personal touch from me. 

That time I went to California

Over the summer I took my first trip out west to California. It was for my 20th birthday and also because I was going to vidcon! Vidcon is a convention for filmmakers and other creative personnel to bond over their passions and hear some amazing panels by the pros. Due to bad company I decided to make best of my trip and see the positives sides. I did, ate, & saw many great things when I was there. Living in Florida I thought that California wouldn't be too much different but it was. It was an an amazing experience and I promise, I will be back for you, California.

October Playlist

The return of the colder weather has put me in such a great mood this week. Even though in Florida, we don't really get to experience an "autumn" these cold fronts are our best imitation. October has got me in the habit of waking up earlier in the morning making some coffee and putting on some sweet tunes! So i collected all the best songs and put together this playlist so maybe you as well can get into that fall spirit!

Friday: Food for Thought

Good morning! It's Friday, finally! I want to try something new and maybe post a little quote each

 friday to make us think a little throughout the day. As humans we get caught up  in the moment and

have to make really tough choices which ultimately define who we are going to be. We ask ourselves

"Am I making the right choice?" and the answer is yes. There is no wrong answer to that question. At

any moment in your life you can change your mind and that's perfectly fine. As for me i have been

contemplating on switching my major from Graphic Design to Astronomy but I know whatever I

chose, I will succumb to the same goal that everyone else has. Happiness.

Let's Start A Conversation: Anxiety

After reading a post by one of my favourite bloggers Charly Cox of Style the Natives, I've been meaning to make this post for a while. Since this week is coincidently Mental Health week I thought it might perfect timing to start this conversation with you.

So hello, my name is Claudia and I was diagnosed with anxiety about 3 years ago. In topics today anxiety has been seen more as a common thing to throw around in conversation such as Depression and Obsessive Compulsive disorder. I'm sorry to be the one to break it to you self-diagnosers out there but more than half of you have never experienced Anxiety, Depression, or OCD. I am very surprised on how many people say things along the line of "Oh em geeeee I just have anxiety right now because this cute boy is talking to me" Unfortunately, thats not how it works.

Anxiety: a nervous disorder characterized by a state of excessive uneasiness and apprehension, typically with compulsive behavior or panic attacks.

When I first experienced my first panic or "anxiety attack" I thought I was on the verge of death and believe me I wish that was an exaggeration. Honestly, I can not remember what all happened that night but I can recall the emotions I felt. At first it was a little worry that started in the back of my mind which then the pessimistic and disquiet thoughts seemed to flood my whole brain like a tidal wave overtaking a small village.
I proceeded to call my friends but when they answered for some reason I couldn't speak, nothing was coming out of my mouth. After a while I could articulate the words "I can't breathe" and "Help me" which was a miracle they could understand me between the massive whale sounds of me sobbing amid each word. I laid down on the floor gasping for air, which seemed to me about 5-6 minutes, was actually about 45 minutes as my friends who lived farther away already were knocking on my door. After that I do not really remember much so I kind of just need to thank those two friends which I probably would have not survived that without them.
Since then I haven't really had many attacks but anxiety is more than just a one time thing. Everyday is a constant worry about anything and everything plus all of the effects it has on my body.

This is me starting a conversation with you. Have you ever experienced an attack like this? Do you have another disorder that needs to be addressed?
Open up! There are people who want to hear your story, and its also a good weight lifted from your shoulders.
You are not crazy. You are not the only one going through these things. If you don't want to post a blog post or comment for people to see (like myself) there are always other people to talk to and hotlines to call such as the Teen Health & Wellness Hotline.


Re-design - Good Girls Don't Curse

My father always taught me to always be polite, mind my manners, to keep my mouth shut in certain 

situations and to never curse. Unfortunately for him, I take after my passionate and outspoken 

mother. The ones who know her, know that she has a hot temper and will ALWAYS, without fail,

tell you what she is thinking. Sometimes you might not want to hear it, but behind the sassy remarks 

she is genuine and is consistently trying to help. When I was younger I didn't always see it as a good 

thing. I would hide behind her cashmere shawl if she started to raise her voice at the Publix lady who 

over charged her for three bottles of milk instead of one. As I grew up I started to understand that if 

you don't get a little arrant you will get walked all over. I adapted to the same blunt personality 

which either became your best friend or mortal enemy to go shopping with. Sometimes now I don't 

even realize what I am saying or how i have said it because being honest has really just became such 

a casual thing to me that I think everyone wants to hear my opinion. You might think that my mother 

was a daughter of a sailor with some of the words that came out of her mouth. Around me she never 
really filtered herself which made me look up to her strong personality. As a kid when I'd scream 

into my pillow a couple of fuck's or this is bullshit's but was always watch myself around my parents 

so I wouldn't get a whole bar of soap shoved into my mouth. After years and years of carefully 

cursing, I started just throwing it around in conversation and it just became a way to express myself. 

If I'm angry i might say "He was a wanker" (yes I also like to use british expletive words) and if I am 

happy I will probably say something along the lines of "This is fucking brilliant". I have seen many different 

reactions from people when they hear me swear. Some laugh, others are surprised, maybe once or 

twice I have gotten an odd stare but to me it's just a way I assert my words. I have heard many 

people older than me and also some my age say "It isn't ladylike to swear", "You should watch your 

mouth, someone around you could hear you" or my personal favourite "Boys don't like a girl who 

swears". I could honestly not give a shit whether or not a boy (or anyone for that matter) didn't like 

what I had to say because obviously we were not meant to be paired together in our crazy twisted universe. 

With that all said and done I have decided to rename my blog, Good Girls Don't Curse. Just because of the irony in it and because I feel like it describes me. As I will have the same content I will also be adding a few posts of my opinions and maybe some things that irk me which might relate to someone else. 

So welcome, Bitches & Bastards. I can't wait to share my opinions and life with you. 

xx Claudia

Monthly Mood Board

For a while now I have wanted to share with you some things that inspire me throughout the month. 

There are certain items, people, or colours that influence my creativity and for the past month I have 

been collecting certain components and putting it on my digital mood board. With that said, I would 

like to announce that I will be putting up "Monthly Mood boards" to share with you my motivation 

from the past month. 

1. Black & White

These colours are very simple yet so prominent. As I tend to enjoy very minimalistic things, black & white have been my colour palettes of the month. 

2. Motivational Posters

On my instagram I have been posting a lot of motivational words which have given me inspiration to do new and daring things throughout the month. 

3. Kelly Cutrone 

I may not believe in god but I do believe in Kelly Cutrone. As Americas Next Top Model starts its newest season I can not wait to see what amazing and witty things judge and PR maven Kelly Cutrone has to say. Cutrone is a very powerful and tough woman, which is a person I am afraid of being. After watching the many shows and interviews Cutrone has been on, she has influenced me to be tough and to not hide behind the dainty and flowery facade which I have been doing. So for this month and for the many months ahead I will be channeling my inner Cutrone. 

4. Cat Tipi

All of my friends probably hate me at this point because I have not stopped talking about this damn cat tipi. I mean, just look at it, it explains itself. 

5. Books & Tea

Number five is actually two in one. Ive always had a massive love for tea but recently I have not been able to go one day without a cuppa. Also I have been trying to read more, so after seeing the movie divergent I decided I couldn't wait for the next movie to come out so I bought the second book Insurgent and it was mind blowing! It is definitely a must read for anyone who saw the movie and enjoyed it. 


Ex friendships are like ex relationships, but worse. The other person knows explicit personal details  

about you, all of your weird crazy thoughts, yet remains friends with you because they just "get you".

 I've never actually had ONE best friend or "other half" - I've kinda always had multiple BFFs. When I 

was 6, I had about five best friends and all of us were inseparable. Growing up, I kept that exact same 

group of friends, but overtime we branched off and began having other groups of best friends which 

had more similar interests since over time, our interests change. I know today that if I ever needed 

anything, or something bad ever happened, those same five girls would be there no matter what. As 

you grow older, you sort of realize that having a small group of friends unwaveringly trumps being the 

most popular person in school. I have had my fair share of types of friendship groups, but within each 

one it was the same story. It was exciting to meet new people and discover your common interests, but 

down the road I would get bored. I would then meet new people and continue this  

cycle and avoid dullness, changing friend groups in search for similarities because I realized the 

person who was growing and developing was me. You have to allow yourself this freedom in order to 

kill monotony and allow personal growth. As I haven't left on too bad of terms with any prior BFFs, I 

look back now and realize how lucky I was to have had some really incredible people come in and out 

of my life as the experiences shaped me, and how fortunate I was to be able to learn new things with 

each switch of friend group.

So to any of my "ex-friends" out there - I genuinely really cherish, appreciate, and am grateful for the times we spent together. I am thankful to have gotten to know you.

April Playlist

It has become that time again! As april comes to an end I look back and reflect on all the great things that have happened this month. Summer is approaching and with all of the great adventures coming up I am excited to share them with you! I will be road tripping with my mom to Montreal in a week so I can't wait to share my next post of all the fun we will have and all of my friends I get to see!

What excited plans do you have this summer? Do you have any exciting classes you are taking?

Remember to be who you are, and always love yourself.
xx Claudia

A Little Bit About Me!

The only picture that explains me in a nutshell.

Well hello there! While most of my current readers I know in person, I have a few who do not know much about me! To start off my name is Claudia Madeleine Champagne-Britt. I was born to a French-Canadian mother, Lyn Champagne, and a Florida-native, Randall Britt. At the age of two I began figure skating, and every day of my adolescent life was dedicated to the sport. Reflecting on it now, I am incredibly happy I spent the majority of my childhood practicing this sport. Not only because I was in love with it, and I'm happy I spent my days doing what I loved, but also because the skating rink was where I met some of the most extraordinary people, and they are still my friends today.

 Up until I was 18, my life was fairly ordinary: consisting of school, after school activities, and hanging out with close friends. In the winter of 2012, I decided that my life of living in the very humid Sunshine State was merely the first chapter, and that it had ended. I packed up my things and moved to Montréal, Canada. Knowing about as many people as I could count on one hand, I applied for internships all over the city, hoping to meet people with similar interests and become familiar with my future job field. I landed two amazing Internships, both of which I accepted. One was Skoop Agency, and the other was IX Daily, which I wrote weekly articles about all things fashion-related.

Later in the year, I began attending Lasalle College to get a degree in Fashion Marketing. While I met loads of new, wonderful people (including two of my current best friends), there was something inside of me telling me that I didn't love my new life as much as I was pretending to. After getting some much-needed advice from my former boss, Bessy at Skoop Agency, I decided to once again pack up my things and move back down to Florida. Now that I'm back I hear the same questions nearly every other day: "Oh, I thought you were living in Canada?" "Are you back for good?" I chuckle to myself as I think of all the possible answers I could give, but in reality - the answer is no. I am only here for a short while, until a new opportunity arises where I can keep moving forward.

 Given that right now I am enrolled in classes, I felt I needed an outlet to share all the things I love most, and seeing others enjoy them as well, so I created this blog to do exactly that and continue my love of writing. I am excited to see where this blog leads me - and see what possible outcomes or opportunities will transpire from it!

Remember to be who you are, and always love yourself 
xx Claudia

Ulta Haul

Good morning! Recently, I have been on a tight budget for saving for things like a new Canon camera, flights to Vidcon, and saving just in general for school and the future. While saving, I noticed my favourite Chanel Les 4 Ombres had gone missing. Sadly I couldn't retrieve it so I decided to go out on a mini Ulta shopping spree to get some necessary items. If you aren't from America, Ulta is a salon, cosmetics, and fragrance store which carries a diverse collection of products for people with any kind of budget.

 1. I was first going to blow my money on a Naked 2 palette but a friend persuaded me out of it knowing I would never use it anyway. Instead I found this great natural collection by NYX. The eyeshadow is powder-like so its a great combination with eye primers. You can buy this palette online at ULTA for $7.49 USD.

2. Now, I have EXTREMELY dry skin so I was looking for something that would tame it while also not being too oily. Lucky for me the manager on site had much knowledge on the subject and helped me pick a cream which works like magic! This Neutrogena Sensitive Skin cream can be found at Neutrogena online for $9.99 USD.

3. Last but not least is this brush set I found by Eco-tools. I have been using the Chanel Vitalumière Aqua Liquid Foundation for awhile now but never had a correct tool to apply it on with. After a attentive examination I picked this pack which is easy to use, has a great design and the bristles are amazingly soft. I couldn't find the exact match but they also make a pack very similar that you can buy at ULTA for $17.99 USD.

Another treat that came in the mail this week were my prints! This website turns your personal Instagram pictures into magnets, picture books, stickers and much more! I decided to start a wall above my bed of pictures that remind me of occasions that make me happy!

What's something you wish you could do with a memory of your happiest moments?

Remember to be who you are, and always love yourself 
xx Claudia

March Playlist

Recently, I have been missing sitting in local coffee shops around Montreal and just enjoying people watching, doing homework, and jamming out to random playlists. Now I understand that it is actually the end of march but why not give you a playlist of songs that I have been listening on repeat all month! This is just a basic playlist which you can enjoy at a little coffee shop or on a nice relaxing road trip. I hope you enjoy!

Remember to be who you are, and always love yourself 
xx Claudia

Sunday Breakfast Routines

One of my favourite days of the week is most definitely Sundays. Even though Monday is just right around the corner, Sundays are the ultimate lazy days and I couldn't be bothered with doing anything at all. Thankfully, spring is coming and the weather is absolutely gorgeous outside so i took my usual sunday breakfast right outside with me. I might have one or two sundays a month where i enjoy a sunday brunch with my mum but on a typical sunday i grab a big bowl of greek yogurt! I usually mix it with some fresh fruits, protein granola, and a little agave nectar for taste.
What does your usual sunday breakfast look like?
remember to be who you are, and always love yourself!
xx Claudia

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