My March Favourites!

Welcome lovelies! As this is my first post on my new blog I have decided to give you all a few favourites of mine that are my essentials to keep me at peace this month. I've recently moved back to Florida from Montreal and my, oh, my has the weather changed. With that said I've been really getting back into the more comfy florida style and getting ready for the real florida weather to start. 

1. I have had a candle obsession for quite some time now and thankfully a friend of mine showed me these wonderful Diptyque candles. My favourite at the moment is the herbal candle Eucalyptus. Not only was it the relaxing smell of the candle that drew me in but also the unique branding that Diptyque has. 

2. As our time progresses together you will come to realize that my ultimate shoe brand is Vans. These Mohikan Vans Surf shoe have been my ultimate favourite since I've gotten them. Not to mention that i feel like im hopping on clouds everytime I take a step. This shoe is a MUST in your wardrobe this march trust me, you won't regret it. 

3. I am starting a whole new lifestyle with my eating habits and exercise but something that has helped me a lot is the BluePrint Cleanse. Now I haven't done the full "cleanse" yet but i have been buying the individual bottles at my local Whole Foods. My personal favourites are the Lime, Ginger, Lemon, Agave (all one bottle) and the Pineapple, Apple, Mint

4. Truth is, I have actually debated throwing out my entire wardrobe and just filling it with this sweater in all different colours because thats how amazing it is. This American Eagle sweater is the most comfortable thing ever and its also super cute to throw on to go anywhere. Also its not too thick so I can wear it during humid days in florida and not feel like I am going to faint. 

5. Last but not least is the simple black Floppy Hat from Topshop. In the spring, most of our days are filled with dreary rainy weather, but when that sun comes out boy do we take advantage of it. This hat is a perfect accessory for sitting outside at a restaurant for lunch on a sunny, saturday afternoon. 

As my first post has concluded i am excited to see what lies ahead with this blog!

remember to be who you are, and always love yourself! 

xx Claudia 

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