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Well hello there! While most of my current readers I know in person, I have a few who do not know much about me! To start off my name is Claudia Madeleine Champagne-Britt. I was born to a French-Canadian mother, Lyn Champagne, and a Florida-native, Randall Britt. At the age of two I began figure skating, and every day of my adolescent life was dedicated to the sport. Reflecting on it now, I am incredibly happy I spent the majority of my childhood practicing this sport. Not only because I was in love with it, and I'm happy I spent my days doing what I loved, but also because the skating rink was where I met some of the most extraordinary people, and they are still my friends today.

 Up until I was 18, my life was fairly ordinary: consisting of school, after school activities, and hanging out with close friends. In the winter of 2012, I decided that my life of living in the very humid Sunshine State was merely the first chapter, and that it had ended. I packed up my things and moved to MontrĂ©al, Canada. Knowing about as many people as I could count on one hand, I applied for internships all over the city, hoping to meet people with similar interests and become familiar with my future job field. I landed two amazing Internships, both of which I accepted. One was Skoop Agency, and the other was IX Daily, which I wrote weekly articles about all things fashion-related.

Later in the year, I began attending Lasalle College to get a degree in Fashion Marketing. While I met loads of new, wonderful people (including two of my current best friends), there was something inside of me telling me that I didn't love my new life as much as I was pretending to. After getting some much-needed advice from my former boss, Bessy at Skoop Agency, I decided to once again pack up my things and move back down to Florida. Now that I'm back I hear the same questions nearly every other day: "Oh, I thought you were living in Canada?" "Are you back for good?" I chuckle to myself as I think of all the possible answers I could give, but in reality - the answer is no. I am only here for a short while, until a new opportunity arises where I can keep moving forward.

 Given that right now I am enrolled in classes, I felt I needed an outlet to share all the things I love most, and seeing others enjoy them as well, so I created this blog to do exactly that and continue my love of writing. I am excited to see where this blog leads me - and see what possible outcomes or opportunities will transpire from it!

Remember to be who you are, and always love yourself 
xx Claudia

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