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Good morning! Recently, I have been on a tight budget for saving for things like a new Canon camera, flights to Vidcon, and saving just in general for school and the future. While saving, I noticed my favourite Chanel Les 4 Ombres had gone missing. Sadly I couldn't retrieve it so I decided to go out on a mini Ulta shopping spree to get some necessary items. If you aren't from America, Ulta is a salon, cosmetics, and fragrance store which carries a diverse collection of products for people with any kind of budget.

 1. I was first going to blow my money on a Naked 2 palette but a friend persuaded me out of it knowing I would never use it anyway. Instead I found this great natural collection by NYX. The eyeshadow is powder-like so its a great combination with eye primers. You can buy this palette online at ULTA for $7.49 USD.

2. Now, I have EXTREMELY dry skin so I was looking for something that would tame it while also not being too oily. Lucky for me the manager on site had much knowledge on the subject and helped me pick a cream which works like magic! This Neutrogena Sensitive Skin cream can be found at Neutrogena online for $9.99 USD.

3. Last but not least is this brush set I found by Eco-tools. I have been using the Chanel Vitalumière Aqua Liquid Foundation for awhile now but never had a correct tool to apply it on with. After a attentive examination I picked this pack which is easy to use, has a great design and the bristles are amazingly soft. I couldn't find the exact match but they also make a pack very similar that you can buy at ULTA for $17.99 USD.

Another treat that came in the mail this week were my Printstagr.am prints! This website turns your personal Instagram pictures into magnets, picture books, stickers and much more! I decided to start a wall above my bed of pictures that remind me of occasions that make me happy!

What's something you wish you could do with a memory of your happiest moments?

Remember to be who you are, and always love yourself 
xx Claudia

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