Ex friendships are like ex relationships, but worse. The other person knows explicit personal details  

about you, all of your weird crazy thoughts, yet remains friends with you because they just "get you".

 I've never actually had ONE best friend or "other half" - I've kinda always had multiple BFFs. When I 

was 6, I had about five best friends and all of us were inseparable. Growing up, I kept that exact same 

group of friends, but overtime we branched off and began having other groups of best friends which 

had more similar interests since over time, our interests change. I know today that if I ever needed 

anything, or something bad ever happened, those same five girls would be there no matter what. As 

you grow older, you sort of realize that having a small group of friends unwaveringly trumps being the 

most popular person in school. I have had my fair share of types of friendship groups, but within each 

one it was the same story. It was exciting to meet new people and discover your common interests, but 

down the road I would get bored. I would then meet new people and continue this  

cycle and avoid dullness, changing friend groups in search for similarities because I realized the 

person who was growing and developing was me. You have to allow yourself this freedom in order to 

kill monotony and allow personal growth. As I haven't left on too bad of terms with any prior BFFs, I 

look back now and realize how lucky I was to have had some really incredible people come in and out 

of my life as the experiences shaped me, and how fortunate I was to be able to learn new things with 

each switch of friend group.

So to any of my "ex-friends" out there - I genuinely really cherish, appreciate, and am grateful for the times we spent together. I am thankful to have gotten to know you.

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