Monthly Mood Board

For a while now I have wanted to share with you some things that inspire me throughout the month. 

There are certain items, people, or colours that influence my creativity and for the past month I have 

been collecting certain components and putting it on my digital mood board. With that said, I would 

like to announce that I will be putting up "Monthly Mood boards" to share with you my motivation 

from the past month. 

1. Black & White

These colours are very simple yet so prominent. As I tend to enjoy very minimalistic things, black & white have been my colour palettes of the month. 

2. Motivational Posters

On my instagram I have been posting a lot of motivational words which have given me inspiration to do new and daring things throughout the month. 

3. Kelly Cutrone 

I may not believe in god but I do believe in Kelly Cutrone. As Americas Next Top Model starts its newest season I can not wait to see what amazing and witty things judge and PR maven Kelly Cutrone has to say. Cutrone is a very powerful and tough woman, which is a person I am afraid of being. After watching the many shows and interviews Cutrone has been on, she has influenced me to be tough and to not hide behind the dainty and flowery facade which I have been doing. So for this month and for the many months ahead I will be channeling my inner Cutrone. 

4. Cat Tipi

All of my friends probably hate me at this point because I have not stopped talking about this damn cat tipi. I mean, just look at it, it explains itself. 

5. Books & Tea

Number five is actually two in one. Ive always had a massive love for tea but recently I have not been able to go one day without a cuppa. Also I have been trying to read more, so after seeing the movie divergent I decided I couldn't wait for the next movie to come out so I bought the second book Insurgent and it was mind blowing! It is definitely a must read for anyone who saw the movie and enjoyed it. 

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