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My father always taught me to always be polite, mind my manners, to keep my mouth shut in certain 

situations and to never curse. Unfortunately for him, I take after my passionate and outspoken 

mother. The ones who know her, know that she has a hot temper and will ALWAYS, without fail,

tell you what she is thinking. Sometimes you might not want to hear it, but behind the sassy remarks 

she is genuine and is consistently trying to help. When I was younger I didn't always see it as a good 

thing. I would hide behind her cashmere shawl if she started to raise her voice at the Publix lady who 

over charged her for three bottles of milk instead of one. As I grew up I started to understand that if 

you don't get a little arrant you will get walked all over. I adapted to the same blunt personality 

which either became your best friend or mortal enemy to go shopping with. Sometimes now I don't 

even realize what I am saying or how i have said it because being honest has really just became such 

a casual thing to me that I think everyone wants to hear my opinion. You might think that my mother 

was a daughter of a sailor with some of the words that came out of her mouth. Around me she never 
really filtered herself which made me look up to her strong personality. As a kid when I'd scream 

into my pillow a couple of fuck's or this is bullshit's but was always watch myself around my parents 

so I wouldn't get a whole bar of soap shoved into my mouth. After years and years of carefully 

cursing, I started just throwing it around in conversation and it just became a way to express myself. 

If I'm angry i might say "He was a wanker" (yes I also like to use british expletive words) and if I am 

happy I will probably say something along the lines of "This is fucking brilliant". I have seen many different 

reactions from people when they hear me swear. Some laugh, others are surprised, maybe once or 

twice I have gotten an odd stare but to me it's just a way I assert my words. I have heard many 

people older than me and also some my age say "It isn't ladylike to swear", "You should watch your 

mouth, someone around you could hear you" or my personal favourite "Boys don't like a girl who 

swears". I could honestly not give a shit whether or not a boy (or anyone for that matter) didn't like 

what I had to say because obviously we were not meant to be paired together in our crazy twisted universe. 

With that all said and done I have decided to rename my blog, Good Girls Don't Curse. Just because of the irony in it and because I feel like it describes me. As I will have the same content I will also be adding a few posts of my opinions and maybe some things that irk me which might relate to someone else. 

So welcome, Bitches & Bastards. I can't wait to share my opinions and life with you. 

xx Claudia

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