8 Spoken Word Performances Everyone Should Hear

I've always had a connection to poetry since I was in elementary school. Im not sure why I have loved it, it might have been because of rhyming words or the underlying messages each verse holds. After taking a literature class surrounded by poetry I have learned so much more about it and how emotional just a few lines can be. I believe that everyone should either read or listen to poetry as it can relate to everyone. Here are a few of my favourite spoken word poetry:









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Summer Adventures : Miami


Recently I went to Miami with one of my good friends to accompany her to a figure skating competition. Since she was coaching most of the time we only had a little break to ourselves so we went to explore the Wynwood Art District near downtown Miami. It was absolutely captivating with all the amazing artwork on the walls where ever you turned your head. We also visited a great coffee shop while we there called Panther Coffee and holy shit was it great. I am thankful that I will be returning to this magical place for my longly awaited 21st birthday next month! 

A New Beginning

The start of a new year has always fascinated me. As if the whole year that just happened has been wiped clean and you can start all over again with a fresh start. At the beginning of every year I always feel obligated to make some sort of resolution for the year coming up. Every time I do I seem to never keep those resolutions. Whether it be to find romance, get healthier or save some money I always give up after a couple weeks or so. So this year I have decided to give up on resolutions and proceeded to make a list of changes for 2015 year.

1. Say yes to more things

In 2014, I became more self conscious and less adventurous than I was before. In 2015, I want to be able to do something that scares me or eat something that doesn't seem edible. I want to stop saying no and just say yes. 

2. Stop being lazy

Awhile ago I saw a comment from one of my favourite vloggers Ben Brown that said "Laziness is a choice". That comment really stuck to me. I used to train every day from the ages of 5-16 to be a national level figure skater. After I quit my body became weak and so did my will power to work out or watch what I was eating. Just as 2014 came to an end I finally acknowledged my weaknesses and decided it was time for a change. 2015 is the year I stop being lazy and become the champion that I am. 


I sort of have this tinsy-winsy shopping problem. Anytime I receive any sort of money I have to spend it right away. I have a lot of things I want to do this year. I want to move, visit another country and go crazy with some of my best friends this summer in Cali for my 21st birthday. I have to learn that the money I spend won't go anywhere and that anything I wanted yesterday will still be there tomorrow. 

4. Become a little selfish

I'm a really caring person and I tend to care about someone else's feelings more than I care about my own. I want to start caring about myself more this year rather than worry about anyone else.

5. Clear the pathway 

At the moment my future has been getting a little cloudy up in that brain of mine. I need to set a clear pathway to be able to focus on the main end-goal. I have always been the one who was sort of just a mess. Whether it was my room or my brain something would always be cluttered. People tell me "Oh no it's okay, its adorable" whenever I lose my keys or credit card and have to say sorry 15 times because I'm late but for me it's a curse. 2015 I have to make the pathway to success clear and change my old habits. 

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