A New Beginning

The start of a new year has always fascinated me. As if the whole year that just happened has been wiped clean and you can start all over again with a fresh start. At the beginning of every year I always feel obligated to make some sort of resolution for the year coming up. Every time I do I seem to never keep those resolutions. Whether it be to find romance, get healthier or save some money I always give up after a couple weeks or so. So this year I have decided to give up on resolutions and proceeded to make a list of changes for 2015 year.

1. Say yes to more things

In 2014, I became more self conscious and less adventurous than I was before. In 2015, I want to be able to do something that scares me or eat something that doesn't seem edible. I want to stop saying no and just say yes. 

2. Stop being lazy

Awhile ago I saw a comment from one of my favourite vloggers Ben Brown that said "Laziness is a choice". That comment really stuck to me. I used to train every day from the ages of 5-16 to be a national level figure skater. After I quit my body became weak and so did my will power to work out or watch what I was eating. Just as 2014 came to an end I finally acknowledged my weaknesses and decided it was time for a change. 2015 is the year I stop being lazy and become the champion that I am. 


I sort of have this tinsy-winsy shopping problem. Anytime I receive any sort of money I have to spend it right away. I have a lot of things I want to do this year. I want to move, visit another country and go crazy with some of my best friends this summer in Cali for my 21st birthday. I have to learn that the money I spend won't go anywhere and that anything I wanted yesterday will still be there tomorrow. 

4. Become a little selfish

I'm a really caring person and I tend to care about someone else's feelings more than I care about my own. I want to start caring about myself more this year rather than worry about anyone else.

5. Clear the pathway 

At the moment my future has been getting a little cloudy up in that brain of mine. I need to set a clear pathway to be able to focus on the main end-goal. I have always been the one who was sort of just a mess. Whether it was my room or my brain something would always be cluttered. People tell me "Oh no it's okay, its adorable" whenever I lose my keys or credit card and have to say sorry 15 times because I'm late but for me it's a curse. 2015 I have to make the pathway to success clear and change my old habits. 

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