8 Spoken Word Performances Everyone Should Hear

I've always had a connection to poetry since I was in elementary school. Im not sure why I have loved it, it might have been because of rhyming words or the underlying messages each verse holds. After taking a literature class surrounded by poetry I have learned so much more about it and how emotional just a few lines can be. I believe that everyone should either read or listen to poetry as it can relate to everyone. Here are a few of my favourite spoken word poetry:









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Summer Adventures : Miami


Recently I went to Miami with one of my good friends to accompany her to a figure skating competition. Since she was coaching most of the time we only had a little break to ourselves so we went to explore the Wynwood Art District near downtown Miami. It was absolutely captivating with all the amazing artwork on the walls where ever you turned your head. We also visited a great coffee shop while we there called Panther Coffee and holy shit was it great. I am thankful that I will be returning to this magical place for my longly awaited 21st birthday next month! 

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