Let's Travel: Icefields Parkway

2016 has been insane. Every year I keep on saying that it's gone by way too fast but this year has swept on by. This year I turned 22, moved, went to canada twice in a month, celebrated a year anniversary with my boyfriend and had the best time ever. I don't know why people have been ragging on this year, quite honestly it's been the best year I've ever had.

A momentous moment is when my best friend Nadine and I visited the Canadian Rockies. We have been DYING to go for over 2 years after we watched our favourite youtuber Ben Brown went. Now, I have gone to Canada every single year since I was born but I have never been like this. I always go to visit family in a city which has been my second home. Alberta was something different in all. For someone who is not a believer in god, I did feel something out there. I felt small and unimportant. We drove everyday 10 hours round trip to jasper so through the Icefields Parkway there was no service. The only thing out there was Nadine, I, and the open road full of Canada's wildlife. Living off the technology grid was and eye opener. Since that trip I never was quite the same. Something inside of me finally woke up as if there was a dragon sleeping in there all along. I can not wait to go back.


I'm a newbie to the handmade world so a lot of my work is inspired by so many amazing talented people that I follow. Social media now a days is a flood of people doing so many things its hard to pick out others who stand out from the crowed. I've recently found a couple of handmade makers that have peaked my interest. So without further ado, here's a list of my top 5 favourite makers!

1. Moonrise Whims

Meet Renee! She is the maker behind Moonrisewhims and is a main reason why I have started embroidery. She is from from the San Diego area and is a full-time small business woman. She has been a big inspiration to me so I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do!

2. Ford Explorer Knits

Meet Ali! Ali Is the maker behind Forexplorerknits! I only came across Ali a couple weeks ago when a friend of mine reposted a photo of hers! As soon as I lurked her amazing Instagram I decided I needed to learn to knit ASAP.

3. Sewrella

Meet Ashleigh! The jack of all trades and maker behind Sewrella. Coming from a small Floridan town Ashleigh decided to take her crocheting to the next level. After having a beautiful little boy, Ashleigh, decided to take her Youtube and Blog full time and has been an amazing inspiration to many people! As her fanclub leader, Ashleigh, is the one who inspired be to start taking my blog seriously and find a niche for myself.

4. Eradura

Meet Erika! Texas born-Philly living maker extraordinaire behind Eradura! I found Erika in one of those 4 am can't sleep kinda moods while searching through the embroidery tag on Insta. Not only does she do embroidery but also Pins, Prints, & Patches! I'm so lucky to have found such an amazing artist!

5. Knitting Wonders

Last but not least, meet Sierra! Rockies based knitting pro behind Knitting Wonders! In my foggy Knit-crazed week I've had I found Sierra's Instagram and fell head over heels! Selling not only hats and scarves but home decor and patterns, Sierra, has a grasp of it all. I'm definitely going to have to purchase some of these patterns for myself!

New Hand Embroidery Pattern!

A lot of things are coming up in December. Not only is it Christmas and New Years but also it is my Dads birthday and 2 of my best friends birthdays! After moving this year things have been tight which is usually a "college struggle" so thankfully my friends have agreed to a lets make your own type of present.

Saying my Best friend Courtney is in love with coffee is an understatement so she gave me a little hint on what she would like! I designed this "Death Before Decaf" pattern at like 3 am which she loved! Honestly it is my favourite pattern yet! I will have the pattern and also hoop art available for this item in my Etsy store! Im excited to see what new patterns my friends inspire me to create!

Etsy Shop Opening!

A couple weeks ago, I was so tired of sitting and watching T.V. with nothing to keep my hands busy. I am someone who needs to be doing something every second of the day or I feel so unfulfilled. A friend of mine is amazing at knitting and sewing and I tried to learn but for me it was something more complicated than I wanted. Instead, I decided to take up Hand Embroidery. After the first day I was hooked! I kept recreating other peoples patterns and loving it. After a while, I wanted to do something a little more creative so I started to make my own patterns.

This first set of patterns I'm releasing is a very basic and Beginner level pattern. Every day for the next 12 days I will be releasing a pattern for Astrology Constellations. It will just include the pattern PDF but I will always be available for any questions anyone might have.

The way I trace these patterns on is by hand tracing them all. You can also buy a fabric transfer and print out the patterns on that. I just think hand embroidery is something that shouldn't look too perfect and everyone should make it their own so tracing by hand is always fun!

I will also be releasing other things in the New Year so make sure to sign up for our email to be able to know whats going on for future plans!

So welcome to my Grand Opening! I hope you can find something you like!

Etsy Shop


Free Weekly Blog Planner Printable

Happy Friday, everyone!

The Fall semester is so close to being over and I think everyone is ready for a little break. After Thanksgiving the days seemed to jumble all together into one huge blob. I'm extra-excited to go home for Christmas though because our whole house has been redone and I can't wait to see all of the renovations! Especially my room renovations (and of course the new kitchen).

For the next couple of weeks, I have a couple of things planned so I finally have to start making a routine and getting organized. I made this Weekly Blog Planner to help me stay on top of everything because I am one to forget if its not written down or glued to my forehead. I'm working on my own Blog Planner for the new year but before that here is a little gift from me to help you get organized too! Please print and use as many as you want! If you are looking for one customizable for you I will soon be offering Customizable Blog Planners starting in 2017.




I have been enjoying some great products this year! These are things that the special person in your life will truly faint over!This isn't your traditional gift guide but I hope you enjoy!

My First Youtube Video!

Hi guys! I decided to put some of my knowledge to good use and make a youtube video to help people with some graphic design tips. Let me know what you would like to see. I hope you enjoy!

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