I'm a newbie to the handmade world so a lot of my work is inspired by so many amazing talented people that I follow. Social media now a days is a flood of people doing so many things its hard to pick out others who stand out from the crowed. I've recently found a couple of handmade makers that have peaked my interest. So without further ado, here's a list of my top 5 favourite makers!

1. Moonrise Whims

Meet Renee! She is the maker behind Moonrisewhims and is a main reason why I have started embroidery. She is from from the San Diego area and is a full-time small business woman. She has been a big inspiration to me so I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do!

2. Ford Explorer Knits

Meet Ali! Ali Is the maker behind Forexplorerknits! I only came across Ali a couple weeks ago when a friend of mine reposted a photo of hers! As soon as I lurked her amazing Instagram I decided I needed to learn to knit ASAP.

3. Sewrella

Meet Ashleigh! The jack of all trades and maker behind Sewrella. Coming from a small Floridan town Ashleigh decided to take her crocheting to the next level. After having a beautiful little boy, Ashleigh, decided to take her Youtube and Blog full time and has been an amazing inspiration to many people! As her fanclub leader, Ashleigh, is the one who inspired be to start taking my blog seriously and find a niche for myself.

4. Eradura

Meet Erika! Texas born-Philly living maker extraordinaire behind Eradura! I found Erika in one of those 4 am can't sleep kinda moods while searching through the embroidery tag on Insta. Not only does she do embroidery but also Pins, Prints, & Patches! I'm so lucky to have found such an amazing artist!

5. Knitting Wonders

Last but not least, meet Sierra! Rockies based knitting pro behind Knitting Wonders! In my foggy Knit-crazed week I've had I found Sierra's Instagram and fell head over heels! Selling not only hats and scarves but home decor and patterns, Sierra, has a grasp of it all. I'm definitely going to have to purchase some of these patterns for myself!

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