4 Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Started Hand Embroidery

A couple months ago as you may know I started Hand Embroidery. I didn't have really anyone around me who dabbled in it so I decided to research what I needed online and figure out everything as I went along. Other than the materials aspect there are some things I really whish I  knew before I started.

1. Nothing Will Be Perfect

When I first start something and it doesn't end up how I thought it would I always give up because I think that I can't do it. Which doesn't make sense since i'm doing something for the first time. I had to realize that the first couple things I would stitch wouldn't be perfect!

2. Thickness Of Needle To Thread

I didn't realize in the beginning why some of my threads were harder to pull through then others. It's because the size of the needle relates to the size of the thread you are using. Honestly it is insane to me how I didn't realize that but there ya go!

3.  Patterns

Finding patterns are great on etsy but if you can create your own its awesome to see how a simple pattern you created looks on your hoop art.

4. Don't Take It Too Seriously!

Like I said in the beginning nothing will be perfect. I think some imperfections make it quite interesting. I would rather see something with an human imperfection instead of a perfect machine made thing. Enjoy what you are making it's so much fun!

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