Free Embroidery Pattern!

I can't believe that half a month has flown by and we are already nearing february. As I now live in a new town with my boyfriend while also trying to go to school, Valentine's day creeping up is not a good thing. Thankfully we both have a mutual understanding of not getting each other gifts right now and instead trying to make things for each other. This year i decided to make one of my gifts a little early so that maybe you guys would want to make it too!

One of my handmade gifts is this hand embroidered hoop art. The line is quite basic but we have an inside joke about it as it is in one of our favourite shows "The Office". The best thing about hoop art is that it can go anywhere! So while I'm trying to figure out our walls I put it up on our book shelf and actually might keep it there. 

So for anyone else who is stuck this valentines day here is a basic free pattern to make for your significant other. Even though it's pretty generic, you can make it your own like I did and it will be totally special for that someone special! 

Free Pattern

Tips/Instructions included! 

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