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Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a magical holiday season and hopefully a good start to the new year! 2 years ago I posted a New Beginning where I basically stated that I would no longer set resolutions but more of changes that I would want to make in that following year. Even though it sounds quite similar, to me, a new year resolution has always been something I have failed at. Changes for me are less contract-y and more of a insignificant goal. If I achieve it then its great thing I have accomplished but if not I no longer feel so guilty about it. So what are some changes you want to make? 
A change I want to make is to be less on my phone and doing more things with my hands. I have always felt as our hands are our greatest tools so I want to take up more hand requiring crafts. My first craft I started was hand embroidery. Let me just tell you, I have been LOVING it. I have gotten some of my friends into it so now I want to get you into it too! Go onto my instagram  @Claudiamchampagne and check out how you can win your own Hand Embroidery Kit! 

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