Top 4 Knitting Tutorials for Beginners

For a few weeks I've been OBSESSED with handmade things and the people who make them . I've also wanted to make a change this year to do more things with my hands so I have found my new handmade adventure! Knitting! It was hard to find a lot of places where to start and what to do so here is a beginner giving you a beginners guide on the tutorials I used to start learning how to knit!

For casting on: 

Even though it seems like a complicated tutorial on how to knit a scarf, BUT this was the easiest cast on tutorial that I found. For a beginner it is perfect!

For the Knit Stitch:

This for me was the best tutorial for the knit stitch. I am someone when first learning something I need a tutorial to go quite slow so I found that GoodKnitKisses was the best for that!

For the Purl Stitch:

GoodKnitKisses is also my fave for the Purl Stitch! 

For Casting off:

I'm still having a little trouble casting off but this tutorial was the best I could find which has helped a lot!

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