5 Most Influential Poems for Girls

When I was younger I wasn't really aware of much. It wasn't until my parents divorced that I really became aware of the things around me. I felt different. I felt as if glasses came off and I could see the world differently. I didn't know how to put my feelings into words and because of this I always felt like I was unintelligent. I didn't pay attention in school because I thought I was headed nowhere. Years after school and after some bad experiences I came across poetry. I always thought poetry was that "lame thing I couldn't understand in my grade 10 English class". In reality, poetry put everything that was in my head into words. During this time I had to take ENC 1102. My professor was amazing. She was into poetry and classical English literature which ended up being the start of many after class talks which showed me a whole new side of reading altogether. I wish I discovered poetry at a younger age but as for anyone else feeling the same way I did here are some great poems every girl should read:

1. "Lady Lazarus" by Sylvia Plath 


2. "For Women Who Are Difficult To Love" by Warsan Shire


3."Today" by Lang Leav


4. "Still I Rise" by Maya Angelou

5. "I'm Over The Moon" by Brenda Shaughnessy

I don’t like what the moon is supposed to do.
Confuse me, ovulate me,

spoon-feed me longing. A kind of ancient
date-rape drug. So I’ll howl at you, moon,

I’m angry. I’ll take back the night. Using me to
swoon at your questionable light,

you had me chasing you,
the world’s worst lover, over and over

hoping for a mirror, a whisper, insight.
But you disappear for nights on end

with all my erotic mysteries
and my entire unconscious mind.

How long do I try to get water from a stone?
It’s like having a bad boyfriend in a good band.

Better off alone. I’m going to write hard
and fast into you moon, face-fucking.

Something you wouldn’t understand.
You with no swampy sexual

promise but what we glue onto you.
That’s not real. You have no begging

cunt. No panties ripped off and the crotch
sucked. No lacerating spasms

sending electrical sparks through the toes.
Stars have those.

What do you have? You’re a tool, moon.
Now, noon. There’s a hero.

The obvious sun, no bulls hit, the enemy
of poets and lovers, sleepers and creatures.

But my lovers have never been able to read
my mind. I’ve had to learn to be direct.

It’s hard to learn that, hard to do.
The sun is worth ten of you.

You don’t hold a candle
to that complexity, that solid craze.

Like an animal carcass on the road at night,
picked at by crows,

haunting walkers and drivers. Your face
regularly sliced up by the moving

frames of car windows. Your light is drawn,
quartered, your dreams are stolen.

You change shape and turn away,
letting night solve all night’s problems alone.


  1. These are some great poems! Will have to look at them in more detail later :)

  2. "Still I Rise" is one of my all time favorite poems. So powerful! Two of my dancers are actually dancing to a reading of this for competition this year!

  3. Great poems! I love Maya Angelou!

  4. Oh my gosh some of these are so, so deep. They really hit the heart! I rise, I rise, I rise! I loveee Maya Angelou too!

    xoxo, krista @ http://kristaaoki.com

  5. Wow, these are really really wonderful. Maya Angelou is a quote genius! Thanks for sharing these quotes.

  6. I love Maya Angelou.. "Does my sexiness upset you" Love it!

  7. Wow..what a great list! Thank you so much for putting this together. I will be reading them with my daughter this weekend!

  8. Good picks! I had not read most of these before so, thanks for sharing them!

  9. I love that you discovered your voice through poetry. ill you ever pen your own?

  10. I saw Maya Angelou speak in person, and I am still in awe of her. That poem will always resonate. Beautiful compilation!


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