Customizable Blog Planner Kit!

So if you don't know I have been studying graphic design since high school and continue to do it as my college major. I love creating things so much that I wanted to start sharing what I create. As I start to get more serious about my blog I realized that there were no blog planners that had EVERYTHING I wanted. My friend Ashleigh, or as most know her, Sewrella, told me how she was having the same problem. She didn't have a blog planner that met her expectations. So for fun, I told her I wanted to create a blog planner just for her. We collaborated on things she needed for inside a  planner such as social media links, places for notes and so on. As an added bonus I added her logo! I mean who doesn't love things that are marked just for them. At the end, I really loved the idea of making customizable blog planners!

So now I decided to share it with you! I am now offering Customizable Blog Planner Kits in my Etsy shop! There are a couple of things which will be added: 

Customizations can include layout, decal (logo, blog name, actual name) and colours.

Each kit comes with 5 pages which you can pick out:

If a specific, desired page is not listed you can also suggest a page you would like to have. 

  • Daily Post Planner
  • Monthly Post Planner
  • Sponsored Post Planner 
  • Statistics Planner
  • Guest Post Tracker
  • Affiliate Info
  • Goal Planner (day, week, month, year)
  • Revenue Tracker
  • Expenses Tracker


  1. I love that it's customizable! So often there are pages that go to waste, because they're just not what I need. Good luck with it!!

  2. Oooh these are great! Thanks girl! I love your logo :)

  3. This looks great and has so many features that I haven't seen on other planners. Brb, checking out your shop!

    xx, Pia

  4. I have been developing a slight addiction to planning lately and this post did not help it one bit lol. Your designs are beautiful! I love how customizable this is and how functional it would be for blog planning.

  5. Love the logo!!!! This will definitely help me out.... planners gotta plan right? :)

  6. This is really great! I feel so unorganized sometimes with my blog post ideas. I will have to start using them, and let you know how it goes!

  7. Great idea! I've been thinking about making my own little print outs for myself because I cant fit it all in my planner the way I want or so that I can really see everything.


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